The battles before me

The other day I heard a new song by contemporary Christian music artist Phil Wickham called Battle Belongs.

I needed to hear that song that day. It took all my anxious thoughts about our country and organized them neatly into lyrics and music notes. It allowed me for a moment to feel a little part of Heaven right here on earth.

The song uplifted my spirit and my soul to where it should always be — praising the God before me and letting him take the reigns of my life.

I wrote about giving God my battles — the ones I was facing at that time — in May of 2016. I cringe to think I put the word “mask” in there, particularly now in 2021 where face masks are a symbol of control and compliance; a time where it is forbidden in my state to open your mouth and sing at church.

Nonetheless, this prayer still speaks to me today, a time when struggles and battles continue:

God, your timing is perfect.

Reign in my imperfect thoughts; reshape them into your artistic expression.

Sever the bitter roots and tangy vines the enemy plants to incite division.

Surface the dross in my heart — control, envy, impatience, pride — and rid my mask of reproach.

Set my mind free so I can live in the Spirit rather than dwell in my failures.

Your message to your faithful ones tells of a calm and spacious place that is always available to us.

I can know you are working in my life, building a bridge from heartbreak to healing with a promise to prosper on the other side.

It will take full trust in you, a daily pouring out of myself, and true forgiveness of others for my sake to mend my deceived heart.

But I am committed, because I know that you are the only one who can bring light into this darkness.

I look to your words again; I hear them down deep inside.

I trust you to fight my battles once again.

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