Unraveling my next steps

Sunflower IMG_2356At first glance, the word unravel may inherently imply ease of action. Like letting loose a hair braid or untangling an extension cord or the petals of a flower gently unfolding.

But look closer; your perception may deceive you.

On a much deeper level, the implications of “letting go” or “unwinding” of say, a stronghold or a significant challenge in your life, can be one of the most mind-bending, gut-wrenching things you’ll ever take on.

These journeys tend to not be just one way either — there are many stones to cross in the proverbial river. For the horizon may change each day, and you’ll find it takes a reckless abandon of sorts, standing firm alongside faithful intention, unbelievable drive and unswerving commitment to make each leap, to make certain you’re making progress, to apply what you’ve learned.

But worth it, yes. You’ll never be the same.

For our destiny doesn’t lie in the stale pond of self-intimidation or unworthiness. The fullness that we seek is found in the strength that’s been put in our hearts, the outpouring of love for others, and the God-given desires and abilities that call out to the depths of our souls to be filled.

We just have to do some unraveling of ourselves to get there.

-2 Timothy 1:6-7

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt Challenge :  Unravel

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