Using our 10-string instruments for action

51ahom-krhl-_ac_ul320_sr224320_Mother Teresa once said that the community of Christ is, quite literally, the “hands and feet” on earth to do His will.

I love that reference because it gives such rich meaning to our lives and inspires us to do more for others. Shared Hope International — whose mission is to eradicate the sex trafficking of children around the world — is one real-life example of applying Mother Teresa’s principle.

Millie Stamm in her devotional Meditation Moments (the copy I have was published in 1967 by Zondervan Publishing House) provides a likewise account of how we can put faith and action together to lead full lives. In her November 23 entry, she shares a thoughtful story about how we can all use the “ten-string lyre” from Psalm 144:9 as a form of thanksgiving.

At our Thanksgiving dinner table this year, I read the following excerpt from her story:

One night at a prayer meeting an old man prayed, “Lord, we will praise Thee with our instruments of ten strings.” People in the service wondered what the ten strings were. He prayed on. “We will praise Thee with our eyes by looking only unto Thee. We will praise Thee with our ears by listening only to Thy voice. We will praise Thee with our hands by working in Thy service. We will praise Thee with our feet by running in the way of Thy commandments. We will praise Thee with our tongues by bearing testimony of Thy loving-kindness. We will praise Thee with our hearts by loving only Thee.”
These words gave me a visual of how we can practically go on in life — no matter what happens — and especially this time of year as the holidays unfold, even as hearts may be broken, yet still hopeful; joyful, yet still healing from a sadness; and tempers may be short but accepting of God’s grace.
My mom found Stamm’s out-of print book for me by searching online. It was recommended by a friend who bought it quite a few years ago. She searched and found a used copy available for US $1.
As you can tell, that dollar has been more valuable to me than its monetary worth. I hope you can also gain some insight from its message.

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