Hope is contagious from A21 Campaign Founder Christine Caine

Inspiration. Perseverance. Hope.

That’s what I heafullsizerenderrd from Australian-born Christine Caine, when she shared her story of abandonment, abuse and tragedy during Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church service in California on 25 September.


The first 12 years of her life were horrific, Christine adamantly submits. But she is a survivor. In fact, she’s taken her personal history of human trafficking and sexual abuse and transformed it into a passion for helping others and rescuing victims in 14 countries around the world.


In true Biblical terms, she’s proven to be more than a conqueror. (Romans 8:37) And it’s awesome. I encourage you to check out her guest sermon, at: http://www.saddleback.com.


As I work on finalizing my preparations for a local human trafficking awareness event this weekend, I’ll be thinking of Christine and countless others who have unfortunately met this fate. I hope to pass on even a tidbit of Christine’s enthusiasm and energy for Christ, along with her fervent desire to bring attention to this worldwide issue in any way I possibly can.


Stories like Christine’s are real and powerful. God is definitely using her life as a storyboard to rescue precious hearts around the globe, turning what was once meant for evil into healing and victory. (Genesis 50:20)



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