Human trafficking awareness fair kicks off Fall agenda

img_1722Fall has always been my favorite season, especially in the Northwestern United States. The season signifies to me a time of renewal, discovery, anticipation and change. It also beckons a revived sense to bunker down, focus and get things done.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be representing Shared Hope International at a human trafficking awareness event at a local school. The goal is simple: to spread awareness of this tragedy occurring at the local level and to share how those in the community can get involved and help support this cause.

Last year while attending this event, I met a young woman in restroom who was struggling with several family issues. She told me her sister was prostituting herself to support her drug habit. Earlier that day, I talked to a 15 year-old who had run away from home and was approached on a local highway three times in 24 hours by men who wanted to buy her for sex.

Clearly, more awareness and resources are needed to combat and counteract efforts to lure young girls into illegal and life-threatening life styles.

The need is great, but I know that God is greater.

May His light shine through the darkness (John 1:5) and shout out to all: STOP BUYING OUR GIRLS.


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