Undone: A journey I didn’t ask for

In many respects, I don’t want to be on this journey — shared or otherwise. Even praying about it is disconcerting, like I’m inviting its evil nIMG_1108 (1)ature inside my thoughts. Its contents are often unbearable to hear and even worse to visualize.


The stories of sex trafficking around the world are horrendous. It tears you up inside. Makes you want to cry oceans of tears in hopelessness, frustration and defeat.


I feel sick when I think of how souls are violently ripped out of victims and how their captors want to condemn them to a life of unbelievable slavery. Where hopes and dreams seem destroyed or non-existent. A place where lives become undone.


But just knowing that there are organizations out there dedicated to this cause — like Shared Hope International and many others — brings light into a very dark place.


Awareness and healing are changing the score, even if it’s only one rescue, one life at a time. My participation in this cause also brings focus where it’s needed most. Because I know of these stories, there’s no turning back in my support.


This journey I’m taking to help eradicate sex trafficking started on my own, way down deep inside my spirit.


I’m so glad there are others on this path with me — because I could never bear it alone.


This post was written in response to the weekly Discover Challenge: Shared Journeys

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