Mementos of the heart – One mom’s wish to pass down a Christ-centered life to her daughters


I’ll admit it, I’m sentimental.


I recently went through my bedroom chest in an attempt to clean it out. There, I found a scrapbook from high school. In it were old birthday cards, pictures from dances, programs from band concerts, dear notes from friends, newspaper clippings, racing numbers from my cross-country running team… I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Even as I thought, “Why am I keeping this?” deep down I knew the answer. I would keep most of it because I’m sentimental.


When I thought about this week’s writing challenge and what I’d choose to pass down to my daughters one day, the image in my mind didn’t comprise wood, fabric or gems. In fact, it wouldn’t be a physical object at all. But it would be one you could grasp, take hold of, and soar with to the top of the world — my faith.


Beth Moore is well-respected Bible teacher from the American South. Through her connections at Lifeway, she has brought forward several studies focusing on myriad Christian precepts. She also tours the country giving seminars, many of which I’ve been fortunate enough to attend in person.


During one of her events in the spring of 2014, she talked about how as Christians today we are the visible ministry of Christ — basically, like it or not, we’re it.


In other words, we are the ones designated in this era of time to share the glory of God with others and to show ourselves to the world as true disciples of Christ. (John 15:8) Moore referred to this as the “royal mandate.” It is our responsibility to help bring forward His kingdom come on earth in preparation for his return. (Revelation 11:15) No one else can do this; we’ve been called to pass the baton.


So, this is what I hope to leave to my daughters: Not so much faded photographs and the withered pages of time — but the hope and the calling they were born to know, believe and live each precious day.


I know I won’t relay all of this perfectly, and that ultimately they will need to take the reins themselves. I will surely stumble along the way. I already have. Nevertheless, this is how I see the end of the story.


For if this truly takes hold in their hearts, they will shine like the dawn and live fully restored. (Isaiah 58:8) Like a spring whose waters never fail. (Isaiah 58:11)


This post was written in response to this week’s writing challenge: For Posterity


  1. The statistics show us that each generation has fewer believers than the one before, so you mustn’t blame yourself if things don’t work out as you hope.
    I’m not a fan of Beth Moore, but that’s because the SBC has decided that her teachings merit Bible Studies and Books so that she may make them money, but as a woman she is not permitted to be a preacher. So she’s funding an organization that doesn’t let women equal men in every way.


    • Thanks for your comment, Jamie. I’m not Baptist, but I understand your concerns about how they view women’s roles within the church. I’m not sure if it would be in Beth’s heart to be a minister. On the other hand, she’s an excellent teacher of the Word. She’s authentic — which is something clearly missing in the world today. 😉


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