Doors shut forever for international sex salvery ring

In Western societies, people often think of the word “door” or “doorway” as intriguing times of change, new opportunities awaiting discovery, the thrill of crossing unknown thresholds, part of life’s deep and meaFullSizeRender (6)ningful transitions. These are the “doors” in life that we move through symbolically, entering new phases in life or closing a chapter of a previous time. My grandma often talked about this in fascinating, mystical terms that intrigued me.


However, I challenge you to think of the other side of the coin, or in this case, the reverse side of the door. In this light, doors can also close you in, quite literally, taking away any joy in life and hiding away any thrill or freedom.


The heartbreaking case described in the below article is one such situation where a door to freedom instead led to a deep, dark pit. In an elaborate scheme, innocent women and children mostly from Central America and Mexico were promised a better life in the United States via illegal entry.  It turned out to be a horrific scam in which they found themselves victims of a highly profitable sex trafficking operation in Houston, Texas.


Notorious brothel madam gets life in sex-trafficking case


Unfortunately, loosely enforced immigration laws and minimal deterrents for illegal activities crossing the U.S.-Mexico border feeds into these crimes and places the most vulnerable of populations at increased risk for abduction and abuse.


Clearly, in no way was this path a “door” to freedom. The setup was intricate to avoid local authorities and national security agents. Three run-down buildings were connected by a series of doorways, secret passageways and hidden rooms for the purpose of quickly escaping any kind of police raid. For the victims held against their will, these doors were locked from the inside, providing little chance for escape.


According to the Houston Chronicle (Feb. 1, 2016):


“What occurred here was absolutely modern-day slavery,” said Special Agent Shauna Dunlap, spokeswoman for the FBI’s Houston Division. “These women and young girls were forced to commit unspeakable acts in deplorable conditions inside this cantina, and others.”


Join me in praising the brave men and women who worked to uncover this atrocity and in praying for the recovery and restoration of these sex trafficking victims — and, that the next door they open is a prayer-filled gateway to healing.


This post is made in response to the WordPress Discover Challenge: The Story Behind a Door

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