Nothing like being there

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Really? FullSizeRender (4)

A picture may “speak” to someone, but does it really communicate? Do you REALLY feel like you were there, while time unfolded?

No matter how sophisticated our technology has evolved in the year 2016, for me, no photo, video, snap, tweet or gram (or postcard, for that matter) has the capacity to truly capture the moment for someone else. 

For instance, take this photo of a bookstore in Paris, France, from my visit there in 1998. Obviously, it was raining that day as the umbrella indicates. There were SO many books — mostly used, written in several languages, piled up to the ceiling inside. The establishment was smallish, like an intimate closet. My huge backpack hurdled against other customers as I meandered through the narrow aisles breathing in ink from thousands of pages in time.

I was weary from walking around the city, however, bookstores always provide me with added energy.  Especially this one. In fact, I knew I’d never forget this place. I also knew that I’d keep this photo forever.

I could easily describe this photo in even more detail (there’s much more to tell!). For this was my dream trip; something that had been in my prayers for years.

But unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing like actually seeing, actually doing something yourself. There’s simply no substitute for that — no matter how advanced the technology. 

So maybe this picture does say a few words…about as many as this blog post.

This post was written in response to WordPress Discover: Analog

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