What makes writing right?


Perfect timing to pose this question!

I’ve always written in personal journals, however, until recently I’ve mainly written for the corporate world.

The journals of my younger years ended up in ashes (I wouldn’t be caught dead with that material!). I’m a list-maker, and I’ve found that a journal of lists (goals, dreams, etc.)  is really helpful when thinking about next steps to take for achieving those aspirations. My prayer notebook has become my favorite journal. I refer back to my entries often noting any progress and hoping to gain further insights and applications.

Up until this year, I’ve kept the written expressions of my passions and values either separated or silenced from any kind of public forum. Not anymore.

This Daily Post challenge made me think about what has brought on this sudden need for me to authentic myself to others. Here are some possibilities:

To reach out for collaboration: Maybe it’s because I’m nearing 50 years old (well, two years and counting!) and I feel the need to connect, share and be involved in something greater than myself.

To free my imagination: Now that my daughters are a bit older, I actually have more than a moment to string together a couple of thoughts. It’s a refreshing emotional release.

To document my inspiration: Through my Christian journey, which I really didn’t embrace until my early 30’s, I’m realizing what’s really important in this life, where I get my strength and to whom to attribute that glory.

To share my desperation: I’ve come to care so intensely about the global problem of sex trafficking that I can’t ignore it anymore. The underlying purpose of this blog is to share information about this topic and encourage others to know the facts and get involved.

In my late 20’s, I was recovering from a divorce and exploring new activities to get a fresh perspective on life. I learned how to rock climb, I backpacked through Western Europe and learned a few more country-western dancing techniques.

Another thing I took on was horseback-riding lessons. This was a big deal for me and something I had never tried before. In fact, getting the horse to move from a trot to a lope seemed like climbing the highest mountain. I was paralyzed with fear.

One day my instructor encouraged me to try one more time. She helped me onto the saddle of my favorite horse — a six-year old, chestnut-colored quarter horse named Penny. I trusted this horse. She was sweet, well-trained and just the right height for me.

After several tries and fearful attempts, I let Penny take her stride up to a lope. Now I know why people like horseback riding so much. It’s a total rush. It’s freedom like I’ve never felt before.

And this brings me back to why writing is so right for me… It sets me free. Maybe one day I’ll even get up to a gallop.

In response to the Daily Post Challenge: Raison D’être


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