Are you trusting or trying?

In his recent sermon on The Miracle of Mercy, well-known pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren said, “Some problems will never be solved by trying, they’re only solved by trusting [in God].” (Apr. 24, 2016)

I was in one of those predicaments last fall. I’d been putting too much emphasis on trying to manage a problem (self-willed resilience) while coming up short on trusting (fully in His power).

It was a scary side of myself that I didn’t want anyone to see. Fears overwhelmed me. I chose to allow only a certain amount of light into the situation — and nothing more. The word “miracle” had not entered my mind yet. But it was about to crush down on me in the sobering months that followed.

During that time, cloudy days were most comforting. The darker and stormier, the better. Looking back, I see that I was in a mourning period. A big part of my life was shifting, and it was disruptive to its core.

As the months ensued, a new perspective was emerging from a pile of maladies that started out as disappointment, hopelessness, unceasing anxiety. Clearly, I needed to be rescued.  If I ever felt that I needed mercy, this was it. I’m still in the recovery mode, but praise God I chose hope to see me through this divergent in the wood and onto a new path.

It seems decisions like these — how to bend your heart and mind around a challenge so you can move forward — are brought before us each day. And we have to make a choice.

For example, one of my passions is to help eradicate worldwide sex trafficking. I’ve found that it’s easy to get caught up in the enormity and complexity of the issue. How do you not get overwhelmed when thinking about this topic and considering the critical balance of doing (taking action, getting involved) and supporting (giving, praying for healing and restoration)? In the meantime, the world screams out in injustice. At times it looks as though evil has an edge. The problem appears hopeless and unmanageable, too big to handle.

Again, we come to a crossroad of sorts, and we must choose between trusting in a power greater than ourselves or otherwise feeling helpless, disabled and scattered.

And so I firmly stand from the position of trust…although sometimes I’m standing on my knees. But that’s OK. It reminds me of His great mercy unfolding in every part of my life.



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