The lollipop people

The two framed pictures hanging in our playroom are the most precious pieces of art in our house. Every time I gaze up at them, sweet memories float down to greet my soul. I affectionately refer to these pictures as the lollipop people.

The two visuals are simple, drawn with black crayons on white paper. The artistry is primitive yet precious. This is because they were done by my two daughters at tender young ages.


The pictures were drawn during a stage of their mental and physical development when their sketches started to become more than scribbles; there was concrete meaning shining through the image formed on the paper. As a parent, this developmental step is fascinating — and, priceless. It overwhelms me as I think of their small, dimpled hands back then, wrestling  with the blackened waxy stick to do their will.


When I look at the pictures with fresh eyes, more than 10 years later, I see they’ve both drawn our family. (Forget the fact that some of us don’t have hands or mouths, much less feet or hair!) I say a prayer quickly in thankfulness that my daughters both had this freedom to draw the love that surrounded them.

Now they are both teenagers, and their capabilities obviously exceed drawing with black crayons. However, I continue to pray for them every day — for God’s protection over any evil presence, to guard their hearts and minds against any disabling or destructive spirit, and for them to know that they are free and are precious daughters in Christ.

(2 Corinthians 3:17)

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