My witness to this writing


This is my favorite kind of morning. The air is crisp and cool. Frost covers each blade of grass. The sun is just starting to shine through the railing on my back deck. Hot steam rises out of my coffee cup filled with french roast brew. And, I’m writing.

What I’ve learned in recent years is the intrinsic value of walking in the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ each day and remaining close to Him in everything. (And, I do mean in everything — in times of blessing, in the battles of the mind, in the heartbreak, in the healing, in the waiting.)

Take writing, for example. My writing is never perfect and never will be. Given the chance, I would edit endlessly. But by inviting Him in before capturing any thoughts on paper or on screen, I know that I’ll be receiving His help in the process. I’ve tested this concept, and I can testify to this truth. It makes all the difference in the world.

As Christians, we are called to be Christ’s witnesses to the world.  This is also not a perfect process. Again, I wish I could go back and edit what I’ve done!

I have found that my faith needs to be strengthened, my compassion stretched. My voice needs to be stronger for the oppressed and for those who need help. I need to keep inviting Him in to witness my life, so I can be revitalized and transformed into an authentic witness for Him.

This is my goal this spring. Will you join me?

Witness (See daily challenge!)

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