From horror to hope


It’s amazing what one touch can do. That’s what Shared Hope International founder Linda Smith found out on her first trip to Bombay, India and where she first learned about sex trafficking.

The young girl she encountered was from a dark, back-alley world. A place where the filth of raw sewage surrounded her and intertwined with the stank breath of her last abuser. Her hair was dirty and tangled. Sad eyes reached out telling the tale of desperation and hopelessness.

And, Linda reached back.

With a delicate touch on her shoulder, the girl surrendered. And for maybe one moment in her life she knew that she was more than a slave. She was a beloved princess in the eyes of a very real God who was worthy of receiving a crown of beauty instead of ashes.

Read more about how this experience changed the course of Linda’s life in “From Congress to the Brothel” and how she started an organization that would help bridge light into darkness, hope into despair. (

Blogging the Senses

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