Cheers to a hopeful 2016

Last year was a tough year. In many ways, the events that unfolded in 2015 tested my patience, perseverance and faith.

Tensions unleashed. Finances stretched. Dreams shot down.

I cried so many tears that I could literally see the wrinkles around my eyes forming deeper.

But in that same time, I made a daily effort to walk with God at every turn. I needed His help and to know He was behind me — if only for a phone call, a short conversation or one significant instance in time.

If I’ve learned anything during this difficult period, it’s that HOPE is a gift from God.

Shared Hope International ( is one such organization focusing on just that — hope. Hope to prevent sex trafficking in every corner of the world; strengthen laws to protect the innocent; and offer help and healing to such victims.

Here’s to a 2016 in which broken hearts are healed, many are saved and hope abounds for all of us.


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